Gestoos App allows you to interact freely using gestures connecting each gesture with a command or shortcut to the apps installed on your computer. It provides easy touch-free interaction and can be Integrated with other Voice Artificial Intelligence systems.
Gestoos App, a simple software application that connects any command to your computer via keyboard shortcuts. Intuitive and simple! 

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Vodafone 360
Vodafone 360 was one of the first attempts to deliver a Smart Phone solution which  was centred on the address book. I work in the concept phase as well as supporting the execution. The product was ultimately deliver in a Samsung Device and lasted in the market place for only 2 years. 
Gestoos Artificial Intelligence
Gestoos is a computer vision Artificial Intelligence solution that understands and responds to natural human behavior, from explicit hand gestures to implicit expressions and movement. It enables very high precision tracking of any shape, object, and understands motion. It allows users to interact naturally with any device, software solution, or application. Gestoos Artificial Intelligence analyses the sequence of actions and the context, by combining scene understanding with incremental learning, Gestoos becomes the brains behind cameras on the everyday object.
Interaction Design Master Thesis
Lagom is a system that allows users to access most of the information and functions of the car through simple gestures in three levels of gestural interaction. First small gestures over a tangible display in the steering wheel, second a combination of larger gestures in the central console and the third level the car recognizes gestures from users enhancing the communication between car and users by including sound, touch, and visual graphic user interfaces. This project was design based on an experience design methodology, including techniques such as experience prototyping and user studies.
Webex powered by Gestoos
Webex tool powered by Gestoos is one of the multiple communication solutions that use Multimodal interaction to improve and make human interactions more natural. We develop this solution that allows anyone to use any communications application in their PC at a distance while understanding human motion and gestures.
HP Concept Design
HP Printing Portal concept Design. During a long year of design explorations, research we completely redesign the Printing Platform for HP Large printer ecosystem. The project started with customer and UX insights , workshops and user studies. As a creative lead we design concepts and ultimate the final User interface. Below the working prototype as well as the concepts and UI explorations.
Automotive InCabin Artificial Intelligence
The transportation industry will move towards Multimodal, smart systems, which will allow for Autonomous driving and Rich User Experiences. Vehicles will have an emphasis on the interaction with the infotainment systems and new models of multi-user experiences. Gestoos provides multiple ways to have the richest interactive experience and also allows for passenger and driver monitoring.Gestoos provides multiple ways to have the richest interactive experience and also allows for passenger and driver monitoring.
The Progressives Research
The Progressives is a Customer Insights Magazine initiative to drive research and insights across the team in Corporations, often we get only the results of a study, but we missed the stories, the real experiences customers go through. This insight-driven format allows for an in-depth reading and a better understating of trends using a newspaper approach.
Gestoos multimodal concept dashboard
Gestoos Concept Multimodal Dashboard combines the power of intuitive gestures with voice and sound to improve the user experience and reduce distractions. This is a concept Dashboard for Autonomous vehicles levels 2, 3, and 4. The Gestoos SDK allows for any OEM to integrate hand gestures into any Dashboard and allow any multimodal interaction for great user experience.
Imersivo is the first cross-channel content system that retailers can use to improve their user experience. Rather than working in parallel, communication channels and their supporting resources are designed and orchestrated to cooperate with an Immersive Experience for Retail at stores. Imersivo was founded in 2014 and closed by 2016. The company ran out of funding regardless of considering sufficient traction.
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