Germán León Tech Entrepreneur and Designer
I am an interaction designer with experience in leadership and growth. My process consists of delivering insight-driven innovations using "agile techniques." I have worked for Corporations and started three startups, one successful exit, one failed, and one still running.  

For the past ten years, I have focused my career on the mobility space; I have worked with multiple OEMs and Tier 1's worldwide. I am currently working at Gestoos, a company I founded, which offers an Artificial Intelligence that teaches vehicles to think, monitor, and help people. My job is to ensure that Gestoos "vision" is executed and delivered. Gestoos mission is to put the "brains" (software) behind all those "eyes" (cameras) that surround us. And doing so while respecting people's privacy and intimacy.

Before GESTOOS, I was the director at Oblong Europe; the company is widely known for the interface of the movie "Minority Report" film. Since then, I have dedicated my career to improving the wayhow computers and systems interact with people using multimodal and human artificial Intelligence. 

I have a Master's Degree in Interaction Design from the Umea Institute of Design Sweden, specializing in Human-Machine interfaces and Interactions. I got 11 Patents, and I have had the opportunity to gain multiple prices. Perhaps the ones worth sharing are: 
The EIT Europe's most prestigious Price in the category of IoT and A.I.

I am a Master diver lover of the ocean, the environment, and everything related. I am also a Buddhist practitioner and believer in World peace. I have been part of an Organisation called CISV for many years, which its focus is to educate children to live in peace.

I hope you enjoy my work. 
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