We design Gestoos to enable gestural interactions with objects and devices. Understand human behavior in specific contexts. We are incorporating incremental machine learning for increasingly accurate results. 

The software learns through usage and adapts to the anatomy of different users and their behavioral patterns.
Gestoos enables any screen and space to recognise humans
It can be applied to numerous industries ranging from consumer electronics, IoT, and automotive to banking and health.
It can be used to create engaging user experiences with your product or service but also to track and analyze user interaction.
Gestoos opens the door to touch-free interaction in the new domain of digital environments, allowing us to engage with and control devices across space. Our spatial interaction computer vision core can also be used in combination with multimodal interactions to enhance and extend the voice and touch-enabled instruments.
Gestoos’ understanding of context, the ability to develop learned responses, and capturing behavioral data are what make Gestoos unique and enable it to be utilized for multiple application scenarios in diverse industry verticals.

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